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How well do you understand the business world beyond your own country's borders? Do you really know how people work in the international arena and what kind of knowledge is necessary to create a trustful cooperation with your foreign counterparts?

Mastering global diversity means not only identifying the differences in the business culture that exist within countries but, above all, being able to leverage those local characteristics for a global competitive advantage. Such ability is vital for managers who are selling their company´s products or services in foreign markets, for expatriates working within headquarters or subsidiaries and for members of multicultural teams. But it is also an essential skill for HR leaders of international organizations who need to identify, attract and retain skilled employees around the world, with all the complexity that different backgrounds, values and customs may create.

At Glocal Talent we are experts in facilitating Talent Development across borders. We help our clients to succeed internationally by providing their people with the necessary tools to communicate and cooperate effectively in culturally diverse settings. We have a flexible approach and offer tailor-made training and consulting solutions that ensure a positive impact in our clients’ overall performance.


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Leadership development

Global mobility is the rule in multinational organisations and managers are increasingly compelled to achieve their goals in conditions far more complex and demanding than some years ago.

Our training approach for global leaders increases their capability to function effectively in business contexts where cultural diversity plays a role. With the help of case studies and role plays, we encourage them to actively reflect upon their personal values and leadership practices. As a result, they increase their managerial competence in cross-border interactions, including those particularly challenging from an intercultural perspective, such as dealing with conflict or solving ethical dilemmas.

Team effectiveness

Multicultural teams have a big potential and can be more creative than purely domestic teams, but very often they lack commitment to a shared goal and encounter difficulties in performing at the expected level.


In our training interventions we facilitate processes to help teams analyse and solve problems to achieve their objectives. We provide specific techniques for dealing with the additional challenge of geographical dispersion, offering a framework to overcome trust issues and communication barriers when working with colleagues that can rarely meet face to face.

Intercultural communication

Culture determines how individuals encode and interpret messages and what mediums they choose for transmitting them. In our workshops participants can experience first-hand the impact of cultural values in interpersonal communication. Through selected activities they improve their communicative skills in specific international business situations (presentations, e-mailing and conference calls, performance reviews, conflict management, etc), and learn how to better use verbal and nonverbal signals for delivering a message effectively and with the appropriate cultural respect.

Corporate Culture Due Diligence

Mergers and acquisitions are one of the fastest strategic options that companies choose to face the global market. However, research shows that there is a high rate of failure in those transactions and that people issues are often in the root of them. Dealmakers pay great attention to the financial and operational data, but they tend to underestimate the importance of the human factor.

A Cultural Due Diligence is a useful tool to test the suitability of a planned international transaction. It provides a better understanding of the own organizational culture and evaluates possible divergences in management style with the potential partner.

Post M&A Integration

Sustainable value creation is not achieved by closing the transaction, but by conducting successful business afterwards. In practice, despite initial good intentions, deals often fall short when the time comes to translate a carefully developed strategy into the right mix of people, processes and technology.

After a cross-border merger or acquisition is closed, we help our clients to achieve the expected synergies by focusing on the human integration elements that are cultural sensitive. And we facilitate the development of a Third Culture that can be understood and accepted by employees of the two companies, combining the best elements of both.


We can complement our training work with the benefits of assessment instruments that can be used individually or at a group level:

The International Profiler® is a questionnaire and feedback tool created to help managers reflect on their style when working in cross-cultural settings. It explores potential areas in which they may require future development, and suggests actions to fill the gaps.

The Diversity Icebreaker® is a very effective instrument in identifying preferences for communication, interaction and problem-solving styles. Participants fill in the questionnaire and take part in a group process facilitation to develop a shared understanding of how to deal with diversity issues in their team.

Negotiation across borders

Negotiation is a process that is most effective when is grounded in principles and not just on maintaining a position. Understanding the real interests of the other side and our own cultural filters in the way we communicate our demands, will allow us to interpret correctly what is happening in a negotiation process. Influence and decision strategies vary significantly across cultures and, accordingly, different negotiation skills are required.

Our Negotiation Programme can be designed to meet your specific needs in terms of target culture or existing organizational requirements. We collaborate with a network of consultants worldwide that supply local knowledge and expertise when needed.

Intercultural skills for lawyers

Today´s legal business is increasingly global. Cultural differences affect every aspect of commercial activities, not merely the process of negotiating a deal. Behaviours, communication patterns, decision-making processes, personal expectations … all have cultural significance. In order to effectively advice and support their international clients, legal counsels need to understand the cultural background where a transaction takes place.

We offer a training programme specially designed for lawyers working internationally. It helps to develop awareness of the legal implications of cultural diversity and, most importantly, to improve lawyer-client relationships.

Expatriation support

In a world of intensifying competition for human capital, a strong global talent pool has become a strategic asset and a source of sustainable competitive advantage. In this context, many multinationals understand what moving abroad represents in terms of cultural adaptation and recognize the importance of investing in cross-cultural training to prepare their expatriates for an international assignment.

At Glocal Talent we give pre-departure and post-arrival coaching and training support to relocating managers and their families, introducing them to their new culture and providing information and advice to cope with the challenges of a new environment, such a culture shock, stress and isolation.



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Astrid Moix is the owner of Glocal Talent.  With a group of experienced consultants, she helps her clients identify opportunities for development and success in the international arena. She designs and delivers training programmes in both business and academic settings and brings over 20 years of professional experience to her consulting practice, including former management positions in the financial and legal sector. Her work focuses on intercultural communication and global leadership.

Astrid is a certified trainer and coach in intercultural communication from the Humboldt University in Berlin and holds a Law Degree from the University of Barcelona and a Diploma in Management Sciences from ESADE Business School in Spain. Besides her native Spanish, Astrid can also communicate fluently in English and German.

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Herewith a big Thank You for the pleasant time together during our intercultural training. It felt really "safe" to share and contribute on the training subjects, which in my opinion can only happen in situations whereby respect is taken in consideration. A compliment to our excellent trainers. (Head of Service Transition. Orange Telecommunications)

It was a very good workshop where both the content and the network inputs were very valuable. The trainer was excellent and I especially liked that she was multicultural. That made this not a “you and us” seminar. (General Manager, Sandvic)

Astrid delivers the workshop in a very smooth way and she leads the audience in a continuous participation so time passes quickly and concepts settle naturally and effectively. I was 100% satisfied and the foreign participants I checked with also succeeded in meeting their main objectives: exploring cultural differences in the professional field between locals and foreigners and learning how to deal with them. (General Manager BcnIN)

It was a very dynamic and exciting program. I wish I had this training opportunity before. I improved my cultural awareness and had a very nice time together with the rest of participants. (IT manager Bacardi)


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